E2 and MIEE Inspiration

Today I took a leap of faith and worked with Grade 5 students on the International Space Station challenge in MinecraftEDU. It developed neatly from our conversation a fortnight ago, during which I “introduced” them to Commander Chris Hadfield.

They were fascinated by his clips on how to brush your teeth, how to sleep and even eat a tortilla.

The following sentences were sent to me by email after the class:

I really enjoyed the Minecraft space station it was fun and creative. I was going to make a bedroom and a bathroom thank you. IM

Today’s lesson was great.  SC

Focus was not an issue

In my space station I am planning on making bigger spaces for life. For example, plants and animals. I think it would be amazing to see if animals and plants could be taken to Space, so that is what I am trying to succeed in Minecraft. Thank you for the lesson. SR

Lots of ideas.

Thank you so very much for the lesson I enjoyed it very much there were a few glitches for me but I still enjoyed it though SS

They love the touch screens on their classroom devices

I was going to make a new sleeping quarter and make it bigger. Today’s lesson was fun. MW

I was making a living space. CH

Detachable screens were on a number of laps.

I enjoyed the lesson can we do it again also I was building a lava trap. HS

Today during our lesson with you I was planning to make a living quarters. I really enjoyed it. DW


I am making it look more liveable. HN

Thank you for the lesson. It was enjoyable and fun. I would like to do it again. IR

Very grateful to my tech support for assisting with this first time event.

Thank you so much to Lynette Telfer and Troy Waller for pushing me on this! Ian Cook, Mitchell Clode and Stephen Mirtschin you are also spurring me on! The Microsoft Educator Community is such a supportive environment. Wonder what I’ll try next?

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