This post covers the focus of my Marketplace stand at Microsoft E2 Education Exchange, held in Paris 1 2nd-4th April 2019. You can see the summary of what will be displayed here.

There are many methods available for collaboration. These are demonstrated here and increase in complexity as you move down the page.

Within a class:

The most basic form of collaborating is within a class. It can be technology free, for example, this Year 6 activity about the Great War, or this example of collecting data and developing ways of using it at senior level. Work can be shared by the teacher taking photographs and embedding into OneNote ClassNotebook, or, if mobile devices are permitted, by the students themselves.


Within our school.

Reasons why you might collaborate internally.
Cross class collaboration.

With adults

Blogging by Grade 4 students in 2018, who were involved in collaborating with our regional Rural Industries Skill Training centre (usually training farmers and senior level agricultural students). Their experience can be seen here. 
This work was presented at a Microsoft Edumeet in Melbourne by the Grade 4 teacher, Stephen Mirtschin, and me in the middle of 2018.

Between schools:

Between schools

A more advanced level of collaborating between schools is enabled by Office 365. It is aided by classes where students have 1:1 device access. This is an example being employed in 2019 with VCE Year 11 and 12 students studying History Revolutions using PowerPoint online.

Between schools teaching the French Revolution.


This type of collaboration enables understanding of how people live and work differently from others.

With thanks to Koen Timmers
Compare our region to others!

This was the Climate Action Project of 2017

Then we were involved in the Innovation Project of 2018

School Libraries are all about collaboration.
We can all learn more if we work together!

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