Mixing up the classroom

Still on a high from E2 in Paris I am confidently trying new things. Any “Changemaker” activity is a risk and sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Never-the-less, the pleasure is in the experimentation and what doesn’t cause physical harm does them good (or does it?).

Today’s VCE History: Revolutions class was one of those “How might I unlock the brain block to constructing responses?” moments.

We have been working on essay writing throughout the year to date. very early in Term 1 we used plastic building blocks to plan an essay.

France AOS 1
Key components varied from group to group.

We are moving into Russia AOS (Area of Study) 1 – from the coronation of Tsar Nicholas ll to the October Revolution of 1917.

The skills have been forgotten and need to be revisited.

So I asked the Head of Physical Education if she had something we could punch! A set of red gloves and one of black punch mitts were placed in my pigeonhole – and off I went to teach the class about making your point.

Topic: Nicholas ll. A punch for each point worth a paragraph, and we were off.
Everyone had a go
And it was intense!

Hopefully the message was received loud and clear – plan where you are going and ensure that you provide evidence to back up your opinion.