Inspirational sites

In my reading across a wide range of media I have found some images that are truly inspiring:

The Museum Istanbul Modern has books hanging from the ceiling:

The Ordrup School is described in terms of innovative design in the educational design section of Design Revolution (Pilloton, 2009, p. 176).

At about the 1 minute mark in this clip there is reference to “the type of school where knowledge and wisdom has to be pushed into students’ heads.” Knowledge and Wisdom is our school motto!

The challenges I am facing with the layout of the Senior Campus Library are to convert spaces that were designed for the days when teachers did try to push knowledge and wisdom in one direction, when connection to wireless was unheard of, and there was little need to connect to electricity beyond lighting the space, into spaces that foster curiosity, creativity and collaboration, while maintaining the integrity of the collections and the current usage needs.

I have revisited Rethink! and mentally noted what has been achieved in the last ten years, and thought deeply about where to go next (La Marca, 2007). More inspiration was gleaned from Anne Waever’s blog

I have also been frustrated by the large number of video clips included in each module of this subject given generally slow (sometime no) Internet connectivity. Even at school there is a noticeable slow down at about 1pm every day.

When I can get a clip to run I have been able to use VideoAnt   to annotate, and would welcome any addition to my comments on these two:

I have also blogged about my library at:

Now I am getting ready to share some immersion notes with colleagues Sara Rapp and Helen Stower and practise some collaborative ideation!



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