Further changes to our school library

On Friday, I approached the workmen about moving shelves for me. This was greeted with “Not again!” Then they came and had a look, and within 2 hours all the shifting was done. Still not quite sure about what we call the “Reference” area but it will evolve as different groups offer feedback. The VCE Drama class working in period 1 were complimentary, so that’s a start.

I have been inspired by Matt Ives to film a walk through – I don’t think I have as steady a hand, but it will give you an impression of the space and the improved openness. Any comments will be very welcome.

The film clip can be found here: Reorganisation stage 1 2014.

The entry foyer is an anomaly – what can I actually put in there – it is out of sight?

The laptop charging lockers are an eyesore and get very little use. I am hoping to get rid of some of them asap.

Once my 3D printers and 3Doodler pens arrive, I need to put a maker space where the magazine racks are because that’s where the power point is!

Onwards and upwards.

2 thoughts on “Further changes to our school library

  1. Margaret Simkin

    We thought Raeco was trying to sell us the wire based ones. These ones are good because you get to see the front covers of so many books.


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