Starting Design Thinking

Having started reading and exploring has been quite exciting in terms of concepts. For this post however I would like to share two new tools which others may find helpful.

The first is Videoant a website that allows you to annotate YouTube clips as you watch them. You can use it without joining, or join using your Google or Facebook accounts for example. I tested it today on this clip which links to module 1.1:


You can see how it looks here:

or you can add your own annotations to mine here:

The second discovery is Pocket: This is a web and mobile (multi-platform) based product that allows you to collect links to interesting things you find, tag them and read them at your leisure. It is fantastic for me because I spend time every weekend in an Internet “black hole” so I can collect when I’ve got connection and read when I have time but no connection. A great improvement to my work flow.

I started using it two days ago. It is intuitive and has exceeded my expectations!



Witthoft, S.,   & Doorley, S. (2011, November 7). Cultivating innovative behavior using   design. TEDxManhattanBeach. Retrieved July 13, 2014, from



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