Quick post: Tweeting into space? Tweeting for collaboration.

Interesting to see, courtesy of Twitter, how many people viewed my posts this week. According to Twitter

the number of views on the posts tagged #INF530 was 60, 66 and 78.

This is what I posted and was hoping for some feedback on:

1. So are we seeing the death of edited and curated content in this era of Internet? This is one of Weinberger’s contentions.

2. Read David Weinberger “too big to know”? Interested in opinions/comments about the power of crowdsourcing & knowledge thru Internet #INF530

I would have liked some responses, but I plan to copy David Weinberger into the next one! Connectivity is one thing, but to have two way communication is the ultimate as it helps you expand your thinking and take in other perspectives on the same topic. Intellectual debate makes learning so much more valuable. Anybody want to trial a collaborative tool to collate some thoughts based around texts we are reading for our scholarly book review? (I don’t have a specific tool in mind but happy to suggest something).

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